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Trending New Baby Names for 2013

Written by thepracticalmom. Posted in Baby Boy Names, Baby Girl Names, Mom Blog, Top Baby Names

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Baby Names 2012

Published on July 27, 2011 with 12 Comments

Nameberry released new trending reports on what the hottest names of 2011 will be…and gone are the days of Isabella, Aiden and Emma. The top names right now might shock you.  I know I was a bit surprised by a few of them. Nameberry compiled this data from over 23 million page views over the past few months. According to their predictions, the names that are viewed the most are the ones that will trend. Here’s what they’ve found:


Baby Girl Names:

Pippa – Of course this has to be due to the world’s new obsession with “the other sister.” Her nickname, Pippa, as well as the full version of her name, Phillipa, have become the #1 baby name of the year on Nameberry. I’m not sure it will become the next Isabella.

Luna – According to what I have read, this was made popular by the Beckhams who had considered it for their daughter, however, they went with Harper.

Hadley – as in Hadley Richardson, the first wife of Ernest Hemingway – this name is up 50 spots thanks to the book that features her.

Elula – This is the name that Isla Fischer and Sacha Baron Cohen gave to their second daughter – and apparently is now the 38th most searched name on Nameberry. Kind of surprising to me.

Mila – Thanks to Mila Kunis, this name is now up 40 spots on Nameberry this year.

Ada, Adele, Adeline, Adalyn, Adelaide – Vintage names are the hot thing right now, and if it’s a girls’ name beginning with Ad- it seems like you can’t go wrong.

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Baby Boy Names:

Everett – This is up 50 places on Nameberry’s most-searched list. They attribute this to popular girls’ names like Eva and Evelyn.

Asher – For the first time, this has pulled ahead of always #1 Henry, and taken the lead in Nameberry’s list for 2011. Soft, biblical, this was one of my favorite boy names.

Arlo – This sort of came out of nowhere, but like Ava, a star’s name can take a backseat for so many years and then suddenly heat up. Other names like this ending in -o, Nico, Hugo, and even Otto.

Flynn – Similar to its cousin, Finn, this name is taking off, probably thanks to Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom’s new bundle of joy.

Archer – Literary names have always been favorites, and this is never more evident than names like Holden, Atticus – and of course – now Harper. Archer is both contemporary but classic…not to mention, the name of Addison Montgomery’s brother on Private Practice!

I think that most of these names on the list have a very vintage feeling to them, and don’t seem as nouveau as year’s past, when the rage was how crazy you could spell a name and how hard you could make it to pronounce.  It seems as though times are simpler and names are more reminiscent of that right now.

What do you think? I’d love to hear what you think about these names?


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I am a new mom with a passion for sharing useful and practical information that I learn through my own experience as a mother. I thrive on finding baby freebies, printable coupons and unique baby names to share with other moms through my blog posts.

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There are currently 12 Comments on Trending New Baby Names for 2013. Perhaps you would like to add one of your own?

  1. I am having another at the end of the year maybe beginning of next. Anyway I am thinking Scooter if it is a boy there are some old timer with that name but I like it!!!

  2. I’m due on April 3rd of 2012 and really need some baby name ideas

  3. I find it funny that by sons name ‘Archer’ is appearing on top 10 baby names! I met my hubby at the Archer Hotel, fell in love, had a son (Feb 2011) and thought Archer was very fitting and unique. Not so unique now, lol.

  4. Im due on April 20.. i need help deciding on baby names. I’m thinking about Stoner for a boy? and MaryJane for a girl? any other suggstions?

    • do you want your child to be a drug addict? Why would you call your son Stoner?

      • I like Stoner for a boy’s name. Get with the times people…its ONLY weed!

    • Please please don’t call your son Stoner

    • What name you pick is up to you. But I can’t help but notice both names are pot/marijuana related – hoping you have a good reason. Not good names…

    • Umm, Stoner and MaryJane are both references to Marijuana… Not great choices…

  5. I having troubles because my husband and I are trying right now and we are talking about names…. he is from finland and would like the baby to have a Finnish name I’m having troubles even trying to like any of the names he chooses… do you have any resources for Finnish background names? HELP!

    • I loved the name David, but thought it was too common, Taavi is the Finnish form of David, and I loved it! means the same but was different and unique.

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