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How To Get a Baby To Stop Crying

Written by thepracticalmom. Posted in How-To, Mom Blog, Parenting Advice, Top 10

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Baby Crying

Published on March 21, 2011 with No Comments

Why is my baby crying? Why won’t he stop crying? There are an infinite number of scenarios that can lead your baby to shed tears.  Here are a few of the usual suspects (as well as some things you might not have though of) and how to remedy them.


1. Tired

It’s not uncommon for a baby to be so tired that they can’t help but cry about it.  For many it may be a matter of giving them a pacifier or rocking them to sleep to solve the crying problem, but for others you may just have to endure until they cry themselves to sleep.

2. Hungry

Babies grow, and fast!  If they aren’t getting enough food their only way to let you know is to cry.  Give that baby a bottle or nurse it until its full and the crying will be no more.

3. Needs to be changed

A wet baby is an unhappy baby.  No one likes to sit around in a wet diaper and unless you’re on top of your game you won’t always know when your baby has one.  She’ll usually let you know by crying.  Put on a dry diaper and say goodbye to the crying.

4. Hurting

Your baby might simply have a headache or stomach ache that is causing them to cry.  In the case of a headache you can tell if the soft spot on the top of their head is throbbing. Give your baby a small dose of baby aspirin to ease the pain…and the crying.

5. Overstimulated

Sometimes babies just need quiet time so quit trying to play with them for a while and see if the silence soothes the wailing.

6. Cold

It’s a hard thing to keep a baby bundled all day with the constant feedings, but if you neglect to get them properly covered there is a good chance they’ll get cold and then decide to let you know about it.  Keep a hat on your baby as it’s the main place they lose heat and wrap them in a blanket until they warm up.

7. Hot

Being overheated stinks and sometimes it makes an adult want to cry or retreat to a cool area.  Why wouldn’t your baby feel the same way? Point a fan at your baby, strip unnecessary clothing or give them a soak in a cool bath to get them to stop crying.

8. Stressed

Your baby can sense your tension and anxiety about certain things and that can stress them out.  Try to stay at an even keel around your baby and don’t yell or fight with your significant other.  This can lead to a happy baby.

9. Hold me

Sometimes your baby just needs a little snuggle time.  Skin to skin contact is proven to make happier babies so make sure you’re holding them often and this may stop a crying baby.

10. None of the Above

If nothing works it might be time to give the babies doctor a call.  They’re used to scared moms asking questions about their crying baby so dial them up if you really are worried something more might be going on.  They’ll probably recommend that you come in for a visit.  A definite inconvenience, but its better to be safe than sorry!

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